Chicken soup with egg noodles 8 zł

Tomato soup with pasta or rise 8 zł

Soup of the day 5 zł


Grilled sheep cheese 15 zł

Fried Camembert cheese 15 zł

Main dish

Baked pork steak with gravies 25 zł

Pork schnitzel with egg a la Holstein 27 zł

Chicken breast with cheese and cranberry jam 25 zł

Beef tenderloin with mushrooms 58 zł

Chef’s salad with pomegranate sauce

and grilled chicken 20 zł

Potato and cheese dumplings with sour cream (6 pcs.) 15 zł

Cod baked with a creamy sauce 32 zł

Salmon on spinach with potato rosettes 34 zł

Dish of the day 15 zł