Within the hotel is available a Spa/Massage room fully equiped 
and managed by professional beautician and massageur specialists,
both services are offered at affordable prices.

Body treatments

Bella - SPA treatments

1. "HOT CHOCOLATE" [75 min] 160 zł

Chocolate perfectly stimulates microcirculation, give radiance, rejuvenates, improves skin elasticity.

2. "STRONG COFFEE" [75 min] 160 zł

Firms the skin and improves its color, eliminates cellulite, stimulates lipolysis and blood flow.

3. "FRUIT FEAST" [75 min] 160 zł

Revitalises, deeply and intensely moisturizes the skin, perfectly relaxes, improves skin elasticity.

4. "Rejuvenated" [75 min] 160 zł

The treatment eliminates toxins, reduced free radical levels in the blood.

5. "Aromatherapy" [50 min] 100 PLN

Gently warms and supports microcirculation,

which is recommended especially during autumn and winter. It improves capillary circulation, antioxidant properties, also strengthens the structure of the skin and gives it a beautiful, healthy look.

6. "Hand paraffin bath" [30 min] 40 zł

Perfect for tired and dry moisturizing hand treatment. Delays signs of aging.

7. "Deep relaxation" [50 min] 90 zł

Intense, deeply relaxing full body massage. Warm, pleasant, aromatic body oil releases tension, improves skin tone and gives a feeling of blissful relaxation.

8. "Moment of forgetfulness" [35 min] 50zł

Gentle, slow massage for specific part of the body.


10. "Stones massage" [60 min] 170 zł

Improves blood and lymphatic system, it helps reduce cellulite, improves muscle tone and elasticity.

11. " Head, face and neck massage" [30 min] 90 ZL

It improves blood circulation in the facial muscles and increases their resilience. Relaxes and reduces swelling.

12. "Bamboo massage" [50 min] 140 zł

Draining massage, relaxes the muscles, allows you to rest and discharging a negative energy.

13. "Herbal stamp massage" [50 min] 165 zł

It relieves pain, muscle tension, removes toxins and stimulates the body to regenerate and rebuild the cell.

14. "BIOENERGY THERAPY" [30 min] 100 zł

Immediate help in disorders of any type bioenergytherapistic methods, improving the functionality and operation of the body by biostimulation.


Eyebrow 10 zł
Henna eyebrows and eyelashes 30 zł
Henna and eyebrow 20 zł
Henna eyelashes 15 zł
Facial Hair Removal 20 zł
Makeup occasional 100-150zł 
Facial massage and mask 50 zł
Cleanup basic 80 zł
Cleanup basic mask and face massage 130 zł
Cavitation peeling 60 zł
Cavitation peeling with face massage and mask, 110 zł
Cavitation peeling with treatment of primary 100 zł
Medical peeling with treatment of primary and mask 150 zł
Peeling medical refining and oxybrasion 180 zł
Oxybrasion 120 zł
Oxybrasion with an ampoule 140 zł
Needle-free mesotherapy 120-150 zł
Needle Mesotherapy 200-350 zł
Needle Mesotherapy eyes 100-150 zł
Radiofrequency 120-180 zł
Radiofrequency eyes 70 zł
Ultrasound 130 zł
Microdermabrasion with a mask 100 zł
Ultrasonic liposuction 60-90 zł
Radiofrequency body 30-60 
Needle Mesotherapy body 100-250 zł
Manicure 40 zł
SPA treatment for hands 60 zł
Paraffin for hand 30 zł
Pedicure 70-100 zł
Treatments corporate Yvette from 150 zł