Karkonosze mountains

Represents the highest part of the Sudety mountains - prevails here, despite the relatively low height, the climate is similar to Alpine - with a low temperature and a long period of snow cover. So even in April come to Karpacz or Szklarska Poreba ski resorts. Tempts the large number of ski lifts and ski runs Jakuszycka Glade is the most famous center for cross-country skiing.

Karkonosze in summer

During summer, at the Karkonosze Mountains, you can ride a bike or mountain hike through one of the many hiking trails. Karkonosze occupies an area of about 650 square kilometers, located on the Polish - Czech borders

Karkonosze in winter

Karkonosze Mountains is the best place to start your adventure with ski. Wide slopes, modern infrastructure and a hot atmosphere is not the only advantage.


Cieplice is now part of Jelenia Góra. Since the end of World War II until 1976, the town functioned as an independent town of Cieplice Silesian-Zdroj. The history of the Cieplice dates back to the thirteenth century and from the fourteenth century - until the end of World War II were the property of the Schaffgotsch family. Here, too, was their headquarters after combustion Chojnik castle in the seventeenth century. Up to present day, their palace is on the Piastowski square, 2 mins away from the hotel.

SPA Park

Spa Park is adjacent to the palace Schaffgotsches in Cieplice. 

In 1838 the park was rebuilt according to the new guidelines in the English style and recently renewed.

Chojnik castle

Chojnik is probably the first castle, which became the target of visiting tourists. Already from the second half of the seventeenth century was the main venue for hiking visitors from nearby Cieplice. And all because that Count Schaffgotsch, after regaining the fortress in 1648 did not intend to inhabit it permanently. A fire in 1675 made the ruins already fully allocated for tourist purposes. Count even hired a famous Silesian engraver and glass grinder Friedrich Winter to regularly receive and guide visitors. The castle also functioned special commemorative book, to which anyone can enter their impressions from visiting Chojnik. No entries were missing in the form of drawings and poems.